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Orbite is the premier
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While others focus on building space transportation systems, Orbite will train and equip the next generation of commercial space explorers – people leaving this planet for pleasure or profession.


Orbite offers signature astronaut training for a transformative space voyage

Orbite is building a commercial spaceflight gateway complex with modern astronaut training facilities that will reimagine the human spaceflight experience.

Orbite’s programs expertly blend specialized equipment and personal instruction to achieve confidence, skill, and team safety.

Orbite holistically prepares the mind, body, and soul to safely enjoy space.

Astronaut Orientation


Ready to sample space? Curious if you have the ‘right stuff’?

Start your spaceflight journey now with Orbite’s first signature space training offering called Astronaut Orientation. This course is a 3-day, 2-night "try-before-you-buy" immersive introduction on the different commercial suborbital and orbital spacecraft that exist, their mission profiles, and what it actually feels like to go to space.

Experience what it takes to achieve modern-day space explorer status through Orbite’s genuine high-g and microgravity flight training and virtual reality spacecraft mission simulations.

Learn what it's like to live in space from VIP guest speakers and enjoy an unforgettable culinary dining experience. The entire program is hosted in elegant, luxury accommodations.

Program Dates and Details

August 23-27, 2021
3 days
4 nights
La Co(o)rniche

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

December 2-4, 2021

3 days
2 nights

Four Seasons Resort

Orlando, Florida, USA

2022 Coming Soon!

3 days
2 nights

Four Seasons Resort

Orlando, Florida, USA

Day by Day Schedule

0 1 2 ( +3 )

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 (Addon)


Orbite’s signature space programs are exceptionally designed to holistically prepare the mind, body and soul to maximize confidence, enjoyment, and safety on your once-in-a-lifetime space journey. Each Astronaut Orientation program will be taught by expert astronaut trainers and limited to 10 guests to ensure tailored and personalized service.


Starting at $15,000 USD

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To start your own journey of excellence, including how to reserve your spot in Astronaut Orientation, please fill out the form and one of our astronaut trainers will contact you.


Orbite Press Release

Orbite Unveils its First Signature Space Program: Astronaut Orientation — A Guide to Suborbital and Orbital Spaceflight

Orbite Press Release

Orbite, an ambitious New Space and Hospitality startup, will develop a unique Spaceflight Gateway Complex to serve future space explorers

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